What’s a Micro Exhibition?

January 24, 2021

A micro exhibition collects, describes, explicates, and displays a small group of materials from the Beinecke Library collections that together tell a story, document an event, explore an idea, or make an argument.
Micro exhibitions employ various online formats that can be used to create persistent resources; they are often accompanied by related collection resource guides.

Detailed guidelines for making a Beinecke Library micro exhibition are online here:  Beinecke Library Micro Exhibitions: A Guide.

Micro exhibitions may take a variety of forms, using different technologies to produce different kinds of online exhibition formats. The format of a micro exhibition will depend, in large part, on the specific materials to be exhibited.  

An incomplete list of Micro Exhibition Formats

More information about and examples of these and other formats are available here: Road Show: Micro Exhibitions.

Find links, guides, and basic tools for working with  micro exhibition formats online here: Micro Exhibition Formats: Getting Started

Road Show Micro Exhibition Landing Pages

For Road Show micro exhibitions, landing pages with links to a micro exhibition and links to related resources will be published using the “micro exhibition” content type on Road Show at Beinecke Library. For example, see Piazza San Marco: Writers and Tourists landing page with links to sway presentation and relevant Beinecke collections.

To create a Drupal micro exhibition landing page log in (link below) and click “Content” in the top menu, then “add content” then “micro exhibition” – you can find your landing page again through the Dashboard; use the “publishing options” button to save and “unpublish” in process work

Sign in: Road Show Micro Exhibition Landing Page (Drupal): https://beineckeroadshow.yale.edu/User (Log in with Yale Net ID); Drupal guide: Getting Started with Yale Sites (add content: basic page)