Format Option: Research Guide

November 17, 2020

A micro exhibition might take the shape of a topical research guide to Beinecke collections and related resources.

This site (like all Yale Sites) uses Druple, a free, open-source web contet framework; a druple “basic page” can function as a research guide micro  exhibiton.

See, for example, this guide to “archival connections” between photographer Robert Giard and the writers he photographed, organized by Yale Collection of American Literature Student Assistant Gabby Colangelo:

Robert Giard’s Archival Connections

Note: this research guide includes an introductory film, Robert Giard Photographs a short film is also a micro exhibition format option.

Additional research guides are linked below (visit Beinecke Library blogs for more examples)

Moby Dick: Context and Resources

Work in Progress Case Study: Gertrude Stein

Uncle Tom’s Cabin: Context and Resources

Work in Progress Case Study: Langston Hughes