Micro Exhibition and Landing Page & Public Presentation

Workshop participants are welcome to work collaboratively on micro exhibitions, landing pages, and presentations

Micro exhibitions and landing pages will be published online and serve as the basis of public zoom presentations in the Mondays at Beinecke series (on April 12 and 19, 2021)

Following guidelines found at Beinecke Library Micro Exhibitions: A Guide (and using these resources


–a micro exhibition highlighting at least three objects found in Beinecke Library collections (you may, if you wish, start from work Nancy and Tim prepared for the in-person exhibition—in this case, plan to ADD three new objects to those already selected OR to write your own label descriptions for previously selected materials

–an accompanying landing page with research guide, linking to relevant collections at Beinecke, Yale Libraries, and / or other institutions (see: How to Make a Landing Page)

NOTE: you may wish to follow the steps outlined in the Experiment with Micro Exhibitions assignment

PUBLISH (by 5PM Sunday, April 11 or 18):

­–your micro exhibition AND a landing page and resource guide in the “Micro Exhibitions” section of Road Show at Beinecke Library (publishing details and landing page information is online here: Micro Exhibition Formats: Getting Started)

PRESENT (on Monday April 12 and 19, 2021):

–your micro exhibition and / or your planning and process for making the micro exhibition and landing page in a group zoom presentation in the Mondays at Beinecke series. Follow the links below to register for Road Show events.

April 12, 2021

4:00pm Mondays at Beinecke: Road Show - Travel Papers in American Literature (part 1)

April 19, 2021

4:00pm Mondays at Beinecke: Road Show - Travel Papers in American Literature (part 2)