How to Make a Landing Page

For Road Show micro exhibitions, landing pages with links to a micro exhibition and links to related resources will be published using the “micro exhibition” content type on Road Show at Beinecke Library.

A landing page is meant to serve three principal functions:

1: the landing page will offer a preview or introduction to your micro exhibition; your text on the landing page, then, might be quite brief or it might be essentially the same as your main introductory label text;

2: the landing page will serve as a pass-through page to your Sway presentation, Story Map, Instagram gallery, blog post or other micro exhibition format and must, therefore, include one or more prominent links out to your micro exhibition…consider adding a VIEW MICRO EXHIBITION link, a MORE button following your preview or intro text, or a screenshot or detail image that is linked to the exhibition  (or all of these). Having  this “pass through” page will allow us to collect your micro exhibition among the other work you’ve done for the class through the links on our participants page, so be sure to include your first and last name at the bottom of the landing page;

3. the landing page will include a resource guide; consider adding links to the Digital Library, Orbis records, and / or finding aids as well as call numbers for the collections you are using, related resources elsewhere at Yale or in other libraries, additional books or other resources for context or suggested further reading, etc. You might give your resource links section a heading like “further reading” or “collections” or “curator’s reading” depending on the nature of the resources (you are welcome to include multiple kinds of resource, add annotations or descriptions, etc.—whatever you think will be most useful and/or interesting for your viewer)

For an example, see Piazza San Marco: Writers and Tourists landing page with links to a sway presentation and relevant Beinecke collections.

To create a Drupal micro exhibition landing page log in (link below) and click “Content” in the top menu, then “add content” then “micro exhibition” – you can find your landing page again through the Dashboard; use the “publishing options” button to save and “unpublish” in process work

Sign in: Road Show Micro Exhibition Landing Page (Drupal): (Log in with Yale Net ID).

Drupal guide: Getting Started with Yale Sites (add content: basic page)