Road Show by Abigail Fields

Road Show Micro Exhibition: Seeing and Settling the Prairie: Centering the Land in the American West

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Abigail Fields is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of French at Yale University. Her work is situated at the intersection of literary criticism and the history of science and is broadly interested in environmental thought and adaptations of scientific modes and concepts in the French novel of the nineteenth century. Her dissertation undertakes a literary history of agriculture in the long nineteenth century, recentering the land, the peasant, and agrarian labor in our critical understanding of French modernity. In addition to her dissertation work, she has written on the environmental underpinnings of the work of two Algerian writers, Yamina Mechakra and Samira Negrouche. Foregrounding Indigenous ontologies and cosmologies present in these authors’ work, she centers the non-European and, most importantly, the non-human, in the formulation of a radical decolonial ecocriticism. Her work is forthcoming in Contemporary French and Francophone Studies: SITES.