Pictorial Rambles on the John Muir Trail: Miniatures by Donna and Peter Thomas

Pictorial Rambles on the John Muir Trail: Miniatures by Donna and Peter Thomas PDF; VIEW pre-installation technical processes, including fabricating custom miniature book mounts

Makers of artists’ books employing a wide range of techniques and book formats, artists and book makers Donna Thomas (b. 1957) and Peter Thomas (b. 1954) have been publishing books since the 1970s. Collaborating with celebrated writers and fellow artists and employing innovative book-making strategies, the Thomases  have been awarded honors for papermaking and bookbinding. In a series of beautiful miniature books published in very small numbers, Donna and Peter Thomas document the natural world they encounter when hiking and camping in northern California. In these unusual travel books, Donna’s calligraphy and paintings of landscapes, wildflowers, and occasionally traveling companions are printed on paper handmade by Peter; the pages are expertly and sumptuously bound, including leather spines in some instances and miniature slipcases in others. Colophons for each book describe the artists’ process and sometimes thank fellow travelers for waiting while paintings of wildflowers, mountains, or waterfalls were completed.  Part memento, part travel narrative, part field guide, the Thomas miniatures marry artistic practice and skilled paper- and bookmaking with natural observation and the traveler’s daily dairy. 

Miniature books by Donna and Peter Thomas, 2001-2016


Spring Wildflower ABC

Zm 72


Wildflowers of the John Muir Trail

Zm 71


Mineral King Kern Loop

Zm 70


Nature paints

Zm 68


Bathed in such beauty

Zm 73


Landscapers of the John Muir Trail

Zm 69


John Muir Trail:

Zm 67


Covering Ground

Zab T3623 2003C


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