Gulliver’s Imaginary Voyages

April 25, 2021

Stories of imaginary voyages are full of adventure, creativity, and fun. They transport the reader to magical places, connect them to a broader world, and offer insight into the successes and shortcomings of their own, very real, communities. This micro exhibition considers the satirical fiction of travel literature, Gulliver’s Travels, written during a boom in global expansion and reimagining. While originally written as a social and political satire, Gulliver’s Travels has warmed the hearts of its readers for centuries, thanks to its quick wit, its lovable characters, and its exceptional humor. As we read Gulliver’s travelogue, we journey right alongside him to the most remote, most unusual, most fantastic corners of a world undiscovered. To view this micro exhibition, please click here.

Curated by Kelsey Champagne, History and Renaissance Studies