Imaginary Voyages: Layout Galleries


Imaginary Voyages is a Beinecke “curved case exhibition” – that is, it is to be installed in one of the curved cases on the Beinecke Library mezzanine, at the top of the staircases. These cases have five sections, each of which has three shelves.

Tim Young organized Imaginary Voyages in three rows across the five sections: books about space travel appear on the top shelves (CC1); books about terrestrial travel are on the middle shelves (CC2); books on the bottom shelves are about travel under the sea(CC3).

The books and manuscript on view and their call numbers appear on the spreadsheet here: Imaginary Voyages Spreadsheet: titles, call numbers, exhibition locations.

The “Case Location / Number” for each object on the spreadsheet corresponds to the sections identified in the case map above. NOTE: the “N” in the location information refers to the case on the North side of the Beinecke buidling.

The object galleries below…

Object Galley 1 (top row)

Object Galley 2 (middle row)

Object Galley 3 (bottom row)

Additional exhibition resources:  Imaginary Voyages: Curator’s Notebook and Exhibition Labels